We have a situation
One third of the swedes throws their clothes away when the zipper brakes. That is why ZlideOn exists. It is designed so that you easily can change your broken zipper and replace it with ZlideOn. 
The brief was to spread awareness of the product and at the same time show how it is used. Our idea was to create relatable situations when you really want your zipper to work but it doesn't. We wanted to do it with a bit of humor and warmth. 

We wanted the style to be playful but not to cartoonish. The intention was to keep the compositions simple to highlight the characters and the zippers. 

Animation Viktor Alexandersson, Vivian Ramfjord, Lena Quach, Paria Mohammadi, Sofie Larsson
Design Vivian Ramfjord, Lena Quach, Viktor Alexandersson
Production Robin Enqvist
Sound Paria Mohammadi
Music William Löweberg
Photography Robin Enqvist

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